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Shoe size converter / Shoe size conversion chart
When you need help to convert shoe sizes, simply use one of our shoe size conversion charts below. Our Shoe Size Conversion Charts are ideal for converting shoe sizes between different shoe sizing systems (such as i.e. US to UK, EU to AU and more.) If you are looking for a traditional size chart to determine your shoe size (i.e. inches/cm to shoe size), see our Shoe Size Charts.
Women's shoe size converter / conversion chart
Let`s go shopping shoes world wide, girls! With our Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart, you can convert shoe sizes between US, UK, EU, Mexican, Japanese, Australian, Chinese and Indian sizing systems.
Men's shoe size converter / Men's Conversion Chart
Easily find men's shoe sizes in other sizing systems with our Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart: US/Canada, UK, EU, Mexico, JPN, AU, China, India. In short; probably all you need.
Convert kids' shoe size
There are so many cute kids' shoes out there! Make sure you have them all available by using our Kids' Shoe Size Conversion Chart. Easily convert between American (US), British (UK), European (EU), Japanese (JPN) and Australian (AU) sizes.
Convert sock size to shoe size / Convert shoe size to sock size
Do you know the sock size, but not the shoe size? Or the other way around? Use our Sock to Shoe Size Conversion Chart to convert between shoe and sock size.
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