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Men's shoe size width - shoe width chart

There is not only one shoe size - like many people believe. Let us introduce to you: shoe width (applause!) Since people with the same foot length often have different foot width, you also need to deal with a shoe width sizing system (in addition to the ordinary shoe size length system).

Some people with so called "standard", "medium" or "normal" foot width (although there really is no "normal width"), will fit shoes OK by using only the common shoe size length system. But if you have got wide or narrow feet, then you will have much to gain by also considering shoe width before you buy new shoes. Follow the three easy steps below to determine your shoe width:


1. Measure Your Feet

Let us show you how to measure your feet width our Shoe Size Measure Guide (opens in a new window). By taking time to do this, you may gain greater comfort in the future!

2. Determine Your Shoe Width With Our Shoe Width Charts

After measuring your feet, simply check our Men's Show Width Chart (opens in new window) to determine your actual shoe width size.

3. Get to Know The Shoe Width System!

We do understand if you are confused by all the different letters/symbols that is used to indicate shoe width. The shoe width system is not actually very intuitive. But we are pleased to help you! Check our chart below to find what the different letters/sizes actually mean. By knowing this system, you can determine wich other shoe widths (than the one you found in our Shoe Width Size Chart) that may be relevant for you.
Slim Feet Narrow Feet Medium Feet Wide Feet Extra Wide Feet
3A B D, M or R E EEE
2A N   2E 4E
A C   W H
S       WW

Important! Understand How to Read The Shoe Width System...

Slim/Narrow Feet: Lighter row color means slimmer/ more narrow shoes (deeper color means wider/less narrow shoes.) I.e. 3A is slimmer than A.
Medium: The letters D, M and R all all used about "medium width shoes" or "standard width shoes"

Wide/Extra Wide Feet: Deeper row color means wider feet (lighter color means more narrow shoes). I.e. 6E is wider than EEE, and size WWW is wider than WW.

Men's Shoe Width - Readers Trips, Tricks , Comments and Questions
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