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Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Baby feet are the cutest things on planet earth, agree? But even though their toes are pretty, babies can not be barefooted all the time. They also need shoes - baby shoes. But what do you as a parent need to know about baby shoes? Where to buy them? And what size does your baby need? Take it easy, we will help you! Just have a look at our useful baby shoes tips & tricks below...

Baby shoes rule #1: Comfort before looks!

Many baby shoes are very cool or cute. But always focus on comfort primary. Are the shoes comfortable for the baby? Before the baby has started walking, softer shoes are more comfortable.

Shop baby shoes later in the day!

Baby feet swell during the day, and will be a bit bigger at the end of the day. To make sure you buy the shoes big enough, do the baby shoe trying (or baby feet measuring) in the evening/ late afternoon.

Look for "problem spots" while trying baby shoes on

Always look for "problem spots" when trying on baby shoes. Let the baby wear the shoes for some minutes in the shoe store. Then take the shoes (and socks) off and look for irritated areas at the feet. If you find such areas, the shoes will probably not be comfortable for your baby.

Choose baby shoes with a fastening system

If your baby has started walking (or is about to do), you better choose shoes with a fastening system (laces or velcro). Then the shoes will fit better, and you can make sure the feet will not move inside the shoes.

Laces or Velcro on baby shoes?

So; Laces or velcro? It is up to you! Both works fine. Velcro fasteners make it easier to get shoes on and off (will be highly appreciated by stressed-up parents). But your baby may figure out how to open them and remove his/her shoes. Laces are not that easy to open. If you choose shoes with laces, make sure they're long enough to tie into double knots. Then they will not come undone as often.

Re-use of baby shoes?

Baby feet are growing fast, and many baby shoes look like they are brand new when they turn too small. Before they walk, babies will not "shape" their shoes. And shoes that not are "shaped" can be used again with no problems. Choose neutral colors for baby shoes, so that they can inherited and be used again by either a boy or a girl.

But remember...

"Shaped" shoes (shoes formed by the feet) should not be inherited. They will only fit perfect to the person that "shaped" them (all children have different feet).

Always try baby shoes on!

The safest way to find out which shoe size your baby needs, is to try on different shoes in different sizes. Use tips mentioned above when trying on baby shoes.

Buy baby shoes as a gift?

Buying baby shoes as a gift is risky business! You can use our "By Age Shoe Size Chart", but it still not recommended shopping baby shoes without trying them on...