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Kids' Shoe Width

Kids' Shoe Width

Why Care About Kids' Shoe Width?

All kids have different feet. Not only the foot length varies. Kids with the same foot length often have different foot width.

Due to this fact: to make sure that your child's shoes fit properly, you should also take shoe width into account. Some people with so called "medium", "standard" or "normal" foot width (although there really is no "normal width"), will fit shoes OK just shopping from the length size system. But if you got wide or narrow feet, then you will have much to gain by also considering shoe size width.

Kids' Shoe Width Chart:

Have a look at the size tag in the shoes (or the item description if shopping online). There you will often find a letter that indicates shoe width. This is most often N, M, W or XW. To find out which shoe widths these letters stand for, please see our Kids' Shoe Width Chart below:
Narrow Shoe Width: N (sometimes D or E)
Medium Shoe Width: M (sometimes F)
Wide Shoe Width: W (sometimes G)
Extra Wide (XWide): XW (sometimes H)

What is Normal Shoe Width for Kids?

About 80 % of all kids actually fit Medium shoe with (M or F). So if you are not sure which shoe width to choose, M or F will fit most kids.