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Kids' Shoe Size Chart

Kids' Shoe Size Chart

How To Determine Kids' Shoe Size?

Our Kid's Shoe Size Charts (see below) are ment to be used in combination with our Shoe Size Measurement Guide. After having measured your kid's foot size, use the size charts to determine which shoe size your child needs.

Find The Right Shoe Size Chart:

During their childhood, kids will wear many pair of shoes in different sizes. And there is a huge difference between i.e. a baby's shoe size and a youth's shoe size. Because of this, we do split our kids' shoe size charts in different age levels. Choose your preferred size chart below:

Baby Shoe Size Chart (NB - 2 YRS)

Have you found some really cute baby shoes? But what size to choose? In this size chart you can determine shoe size for babies from new born to approx. 2 years age.

Children's Size Chart (2 - 6 YRS)

Determine the size of your child's new shoes with our 2 - 6 years (approx.) shoe size chart.

Youth/Junior Size Chart (6 - 10 YRS)

Looking for new, cool shoes? Make sure to get them in the right size. Use our Youth/Junior Shoe Size Chart (approx. 6 - 10 years age) to determine the right shoe size.

Shoe Size by Age Charts

See also our popular Shoe Size by Age Chart below. Here you can find the approx. shoe size based on the kid's age. This can be useful when shopping for kids' shoes as a gift. But be aware of huge differences between kids when it comes to relation between kids and kids' shoe size by age.

Girls' Shoe Size by Age

Determine a girl's approx. shoe size based on her age.

Boys' Shoe Size by Age

Determine a boy's approx. shoe size based on his age.