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Measure Your Shoe Size

Measure Shoe Size / Measure Foot Size

Why Should I Measure My Shoe Size?

By measuring your feet, you can determine your shoe size. Trying shoes in the shoe store will then go faster, and it is also more likely that you will find a well-fitting pair of shoes when shopping Online. But how to measure and determine your shoe size at home? It is easy, and you will get a decent result if you do it carefully. OK, here we go...

Should I Measure Left or Right Foot?

We highly recommend to do the measuring process as described below with both left and right foot (one of them can actually be slightly larger than the other!)

So, let's do it! Find your shoe size in 1-2-3:

1. Equipment For Measuring Shoe Size

Equipment for measuring foot size
Place a blank paper sheet (paper size A4 or similar) on the floor (you may tape the paper sheet down on the floor.) Sit on a chair (on the edge) and place your foot on the paper sheet, with your leg slightly bent forward. Make sure you have a pencil/marker available.

2. Make A Footprint

Draw around your foot
Draw the outline of your foot carefully all the way around. Draw as close to the foot as possible, but make sure not to draw "under" the foot. If you do not manage to do the drawing yourself, ask a good friend for help. This is a fun thing to do together anyway. Do it over again with the other foot (one foot can be larger than the other!)

3. Measure Foot Size (Shoe Size)

Measure foot size (take measurements)
Now you should take two measurements from your drawings (both feet), using a ruler or a measuring tape. Use your preferred units of measure (inches (US) or cm (EU).)

Shoe size, length: Measure the length between the back of the heel and the tip of the longest toe (see illustration.) Please note that you should measure between these exact points.

Shoe size, width: Measure the length between the widest points of the foot (see photo above).

4. Determine Your Shoe Size

Note: All our shoe size charts are guidelines.

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