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Men's Shoe Guide - Shoe Sizing & Shopping Must-knows

Men's Shoes - Shoe shopping and shoe sizing
Yo bro! How do your shoes fit? "Fair enough?" Well - that is actually not good enough! Shoes shall fit perfectly! If they do, you can enjoy comfort, better foot health and a smooth look. But how to find perfect fitting shoes? Take it easy, we will help you...

Find Your Shoe Size

First of all: let us help you find your shoe size by measuring. Then trying shoes will go faster, and it is also more likely you will find a pair of new shoes thats fits perfectly if you are shopping shoes Online. See our Shoe Size Measuring Guide.

Men's Shoe Shopping Tips

You should always be able to wiggle your toes inside the shoes (all of the toes.) It should be approximately 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch (1.25 cm to 2 cm) "toe space" (gap/ room between the longest toe and the shoe tip.) Do not accept "toe space" less than 1/4 inches (0,6 cm).

Try new shoes in the evening/ late afternoon. Why? Because your feet swell during the day (yeah, it sounds crazy - but it's true!)

Start trying shoes with your larger foot. Which foot is the larger? The larger foot is usually the opposite from the hand you write with. I.e. for left-handed persons, the right foot will usually be the larger. Too be sure, always try on both shoes if the first one fits well.

Always try to walk with the new shoes on before you decide. Does the heel slip when you walk? If it does, do not buy the shoes - they will cause you pain!

Always try shoes with the same type of socks you intend to use with the shoes. Try winter shoes with thicker winter socks, and summer shoes with thin summer socks.

Never buy "slightly too small" shoes, just to hope they will fit after a "breaking in period". It will not happen!