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Online Shoe Shopping Tips

Online Shoe Shopping Tips

The best advise to get a new pair of shoes that will fit perfectly, is to go to a shoe store and try the shoes on. But you want to shop your shoes Online, right? We understand. It's a bit of a risky business, but we will help you minimizing the risk of Online shoe shopping with our advises as found below...

How to Shop Shoes Cheaper and Safer Online

Measure your shoe size (see our Shoe Size Measure Guide to make sure you do it the right way.) Use this size in combination with examining your old shoes (see below) when ordering new shoes.

Which shoe brand are you shopping for? Shoe sizing can often vary a bit between different shoe brands. Check if you already got a pair of shoes from the same brand. If you do, it is likely to believe that you will need the same size in the new pair of shoes.

Which shoe type are you shopping for? Sneakers? Boots? Sandals? Or maybe party shoes? Shoe sizing can often vary slightly between different shoe styles. Maybe you are a size 6 in sneakers, but always need to go up to i.e. size 6 1/2 in party shoes? Have a look at the size in old shoes of same kind (i.e. trainers, sandals, party shoes etc.) as you are shopping for. Check more pairs to get a fair impression.

Which socks will you wear in your new shoes? Accommodate to wear i.e. thick socks in winter shoes. This might require 1/4 or 1/2 US size larger shoes.

Try the shoes on in your local store and buy them Online! Is it rude? Not all all! Competition is a health sign - also in the shoe business. You might tell your local retailer that you have seen the shoes cheaper Online - and give her/him the opportunity to match this price. That's fair!

International Shoe Shopping

When you are shopping shoes Online, you might need a shoe size conversion chart that you can put your trust in. If you i.e. are shopping shoes Online from UK in an American Online shoe store, you need to convert the sizes from US to UK. But take it easy, this is no problem. Just have a look at our Shoe Size Conversion Guide - and you will find most world shoe sizes. Happy shopping!