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Can You Tell A Child's Shoe Size From Age?

Yes and no. You can tell the approximate kids shoe size from age. But there are quite big variations between different kids, so be aware that the numbers may not be correct for all children. Make sure the shoe store has a fair return policy if you shop kids' shoes based on our Shoe Size by Age Charts!

There are variations in the relationship between shoe size and age between different parts of the world. The size charts presented here on ShoeSize.com are based on average American kids. But please note that our charts also will show wrong numbers for some American kids. The older the children are, the bigger variations.

Girls and Boys Have Different Shoe Size by Age Charts

There are also differences between boys and girls, also when it comes to shoe size. Therefore, we present separate boy's and girl's shoe size by age charts. Please choose your preffered chart below:

Girls' Shoe Size by Age

Determine a girl's shoe size based on her age.

Boys' Shoe Size by Age

Determine a boy's shoe size based on his age.