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Shoe Width

Shoe Width

Why Is Shoe Width Important?

It is important to always take shoe width into account when buying new shoes. Wrong shoe width means both lack of comfort and risk of medical issues.

How To Measure Shoe Width?

We will help you measure shoe width/foot width with our Shoe Size Measure Guide. After measuring, you will need determine your shoe width size with our Shoe Width Charts. But which shoe width chart is the right one for you to use? Simply see below...

Shoe Width Charts:

Kids' Shoe Width Guide

Since kids can’t always tell if their shoes are uncomfortable, it is of great importance to take shoe width into account when buying kids’ shoes. See our Kids’ Shoe Width Guide.

Women's Shoe Width Chart

Women’s shoes are not only about the looks – but also comfort and foot health. Make sure you choose the right shoe width next time – your feet will be delighted. See more in our Women’s Shoe Width Guide.

Men's Shoe Width Chart

Many men do not like shopping shoes, and they want to spend as less time as possible trying shoes. Our call to you is: spend some minutes measuring your feet, determining size/width and trying shoes! Your feet will thank you! See more in our Men’s Shoe Width Guide.