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Shoe Size Charts

Shoe Size Charts
Many people actually mix up between shoe size charts and shoe conversion charts. But what is actually the difference?

A Shoe Size Chart is made to help you determine your shoe size after having measured your foot size (see our How To Measure Guide). When knowing your foot measurements (length and foot width), you can determine your shoe size (US, UK or EUR) with our Shoe Size Charts below.

If you are shopping for shoes internationally, and need to convert shoe sizes between different sizing systems (i.e. US, UK, EUR, AU, JPN, Mexico or others), then you will need a Shoe Size Conversion Chart. But let's focus on shoe size charts now...

Our Shoe Size Charts:

Women's Shoe Size Chart

Men's Shoe Size Chart

Kids' Shoe Size Charts

Let us help you determining kids' shoe size with our Kids' Shoe Size Chart. Please select your preferred age level:

Baby Size Chart (New born - 2 years)

Children's Size Chart (2 - 6 years)

Youth/Junior Size Chart (6 - 10 years)

Shoe Width Charts

It is important to take shoe width into account when determining your shoe size. See our Shoe Width Chart to find your actual shoe width. You won't regret it!

Note: All our shoe size charts are guidelines.

We are more than happy if you link to our shoe size charts from your blog/website/webshop. Shoe store owners may also refer to our shoe size charts in their shoe stores. Thanks - and have a nice day wearing the correct shoe size!

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