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Women's Shoe Width

Women's Shoe Width

Is Women's Shoe Width Important?

When buying new shoes, most women only take the shoe length (the "ordinary" shoe size, i.e. US size 5.5 or 7) into account. But did you know that there is also a second shoe size dimension that you should take into account; shoe width?

Wearing too wide or too narrow shoes will simply cause a lack of comfort, it will look bad and it may also cause you pain. Some shoes may even not fit your feet at all. Because of this, you should always mind the shoe width when buying new shoes.

But what is the perfect shoe width for you? Take it easy, we will help you find out!

Women's Shoe Width Letters and Symbols

Have a look at the size tag in the shoes (or the item description if shopping online). There you will often find a letter that indicates shoe width. But what do the mean?

See below for Women's shoe width letters and symbols, and what they mean:
Narrow Shoe Width: N (sometimes D or E)
Medium Shoe Width: M (sometimes F)
Wide Shoe Width: W (sometimes G)
Extra Wide (XWide): XW (sometimes H)

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