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Women's European Shoe Size Chart

Wome's European Shoe Size Chart

How to Use Women's European Shoe Size Chart?

Let us help you determine your European shoe size. It is done in 2 steps:
Measure your feet.
Determine your correct EU shoe size from our Women's European Shoe Size Chart below:

Women's EU Shoe Size Chart

21.5 35
21.9 35.5
22.5 36
22.9 36.5
23.2 37.5
23.8 38
24.1 38.5
24.4 39
25.1 40
25.4 40.5
25.7 41
26 42
26.4 42.5
26.7 43
27 44
27.6 44.5
27.9 45
28.3 45.5

Please Note:

Please note: Shoe sizes (also European shoe sizes) can vary between different shoe brands and manufacturers, which means this size chart can never be correct for all shoes. But remember that many shoe brands also show shoe sizes in actual measurements (most often in cm for EU shoe sizes). By using these sizes, it is more likely that you will get a well-fitting pair of shoes. See how to measure your foot.

Shoe Width

To make sure to get a perfect fitting pair of shoes, you also need to take shoe width into account. See our Women's Shoe Width Guide to learn more.